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Heater Links

Masonry Heater Articles/Information:

US Department of Energy: “Energy Savers: Wood Heat”

Alaskan Cold Climate Housing Research Center: Their latest report on sustainable, clean wood burning including masonry heaters.

Masonry Heater Association E-Zine:  The latest information on masonry heater and green building.

Masonry Stove Builders – Heat Kit Planning Guide:  Great introduction to masonry heaters.

Mother Earth News: “Living Off Grid- Masonry Heaters”

BuildGreen: “Masonry Heaters: One of the cleanest and most efficient ways to burn wood is provided by high-mass masonry heaters”

Wikipedia:  “Masonry Heaters”  “Extra touch of warmth”

Fireplaces Magazine:  “Masonry Heater Benefits”

New Life Journal:  “Is wood good?”

Anchorage Daily News: “Ideal house warming is set in stone”

Cold Climate Housing Research Center:  “Masonry Heaters Are A Great Way To Heat With Wood”

Alternative Energy  “Masonry Heaters”

Alternative Heating  “Get the Most Out of Your Masonry Heater”

Green Building Elements:  “Wood Burning = Green Heat?

Green Right Now:  “Fireplace Alternatives: Masonry Heaters Give More Heat, Less Smoke”

The Santa Fe New Mexican:  “Healthy home corner: on the romance of fire”

Eco-Earth.Info:  “Heating with wood can be green”

Energy Smart  “More on Masonry Heaters”

US Department of Energy: ” Wood and Pellet Heat Reading List”

Tree   “Effective Masonry Heaters”

The Expositor- Brantford, Quebec:   “Wood heating can be green – sometimes”

Green Living Ideas:  “Fire Places for Home Heating”

British Columbia Hydro: “Make Sure Your Fireplace is Efficient”

Low Tech Magazine: “Sun Bathing in the Living Room”

Fire Works Masonry- Clients’ Websites:

Carlisle, PA –

Rock Hill, NY –

Kutztown, PA –

Associates in Masonry Heaters and Green Building:

Norbert Senf, designer of the Heat Kit: Masonry Stove Builders.

Bridlewood Builders, based out of Harrisburg, PA, Bridlewood specializes in the design and construction of beautiful and functional low energy green homes: Bridlewood Builders.

William Davenport, Vermont heater craftsman: Turtle Rock Masonry.

Alex Chernov, designer of unique “double bell” heaters: Stove Master.

Rob Wozniak, historical masonry restoration and green building materials: The Preservation Works.

Green Building Associations:

North American Masonry Heater Association – (MHA) –  MHA Mission Statement: “MHA is an association of builders, manufacturers and retailers of masonry heaters whose purpose is to promote the industry, sponsor research and development, shape regulations, standards and codes, inform and educate the public, and further the expertise and professionalism of its membership”.

Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association – (MAREA) – “Our goal is to inform and educate ourselves and the public on renewable energy production, energy efficiency, and sustainable living through meetings, workshops, educational materials, and energy fairs”.

Lehigh Valley Green Builders Forum – (LVGBF) – “Sponsors events to educate the general public as well as architects, building trades professionals, and facilities administrators about the many benefits of green construction and maintenance”.

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