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Brooklyn, NY: Wood-Fired Montreal Style Bagel Oven

March 22, 2011 by , under Fire Works Masonry News.

Fire Works Masonry recently completed a wood-fired commercial oven in Brooklyn, New York. The large oven will crisp Montreal-style bagels for the new B&B Empire cafe located at 200 Clinton St. in downtown Brooklyn. You can learn more on their new website, B & B

A small curing fire starts the process of warming the oven mass in the photo below.

Brooklyn New York Wood Fired Montreal Style Bagel Oven

Below, the first flames roll over the oven vault. The spacious oven floor will toast the bagels, as well as other wood fired cuisine.

Brooklyn New York Wood Fired Montreal Style Bagel Oven

Special thanks to our associates in the Masonry Heater Association: Alex Chernov of Stove Master, the designer of the complex wood-fired oven, as well as Chris Springer of Iron Hammer Stone Works and Antoine Guerlain of Old Stone Heat for assisting with the oven construction.

Fire Works Masonry

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