Centerville, MD: Stucco Faced, Contraflow, See-Thru Masonry Heater

Our clients in Centerville, Md were building their custom, dream home. A clean burning, efficient masonry ┬áheater was central to their desires and blueprint. The whimsical, energy efficient home was built on a scenic corner of the family’s horse farm.

The home’s interior reflects the artistic exterior. The timer frame, post and beam construction is entirely built using timbers harvested from the farm property. Structural insulated panels (SIPs) compose the walls exterior walls, providing superior insulation for the new home. To warm the new home, a Finnish contraflow masonry heater is central to the energy design and floorplan. The heater is faced with simple 4″ masonry blocks. The both the living room as well as kitchen side rough block shell is seen in the pictures below.


Once the block masonry shell is complete, a rough stucco facing is applied. The living room side of the heater includes a warm, heated bench detail. The double wall, insulated metal pipe chimney exits the fireplace to the top left in the photograph below.

Below the kitchen side of the heater is shown. The optional bake-oven is directly above the firebox doors. Below the firebox doors are two clean-out doors and the center ash clean-out door.

The final heater facing will be a mixture of American Clay stucco and tiles, applied by the homeowner and his family. The first coat of clay is applied to the kitchen side and pictured below.

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