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Tunkhannock, PA: Finnish Contraflow Masonry Heater

November 15, 2010 by , under Fire Works Masonry News.

This old farmhouse in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania has been in our client’s family for over two hundred years. Updating the home to modern standards has been a work in progress for several years. The family improved the insulation, windows, and building envelope. They also added a small addition to fit their growing family. To update the fireplace, the family decided on an efficient masonry heater in the center of their new primary living space.

The Finnish fireplace core was faced with 4″ masonry blocks. The photo below shows the completed rough shell. The blocks will be faced with a plaster coat then the client will apply natural thin stone veneer produced by  a nearby local quarry.

Tunkhannock, PA masonry  heater

The loading door for the firebox is on the main living room side of the new addition. The rear bake-oven opens into the kitchen space.

Tunkhannock, PA masonry heater, bake-oven side
Once the block shell is completed, the stucco rough coat is applied. The bluestone heater caps, mantle stones, wood-box cap, as well as the bench tops all came from stone on the farm property. The load bearing timber beam also came from the family’s old barn. The photos below show the first curing fire winding through the heater’s extensive internal heat exchange channels.
Tunkhannock, PA masonry heater
Tunkhannock, PA masonry heater
The rear white bake-oven begins to warm as the size of the curing fires increases.
Tunkhannock, PA masonry heater bake-oven
Tunkhannock, PA masonry heater bake-oven
The stucco heater is ready to warm the updated old farmhouse. When the family’s time and budget allow, they will apply the natural thin fieldstone veneer to achieve the final aesthetic look for their masonry  heater.
Tunkhannock, PA masonry heater
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