Tannersville, NY: Finnish Contraflow Masonry Heater Core Installation

The owners of this new timber frame home high in the Catskill mountains wanted to build a super energy efficient design to stay comfortable in the hard winters. The timber frame, structural insulated panels, and masonry heater allow them to achieve their energy goals while still building a beautiful home. Once the owner completed the timber frame, SIPs, and as well as the roof the masonry heater core is installed.
Tannersville, NY Masonry heater

The photo above shows the completed Finnish Contraflow Heat Kit core in the center of the timber frame. The base for the heated bench and the base of the masonry chimney can also be seen.
Tannersville, NY Masonry heater with bake-oven
The core is wrapped in a fiberglass blanker to provide a slip gap to the masonry heater shell. The firebrick heated bench and completed masonry chimney base are complete in the photos below. The chimney will transition to a double wall metal pipe above the block height below.

Tannersville, NY Masonry heater with bake-oven

Tannersville, NY Masonry heater with bake-oven
The masonry heater will be faced by the client with stones from their new property.

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