Old Bridge, NJ: Double Bell Masonry Heater Core, Natural Thin Stone Veneer

The owners of this home have been remodeling and updating for several years. After a storm badly damaged the existing masonry chimney, they decided to update and improve the fireplace as well. After researching efficient fireplaces they settled on a clean burning masonry heater. The existing fireplace was in an ideal spot for the family to enjoy the masonry heater, dividing the kitchen and living room. 

The existing kitchen’s cabinet layout as well as the limited footprint size restricted the masonry stove’s layout. The unique double bell heater core was designed by Alex Chernov of Stove Master.

Once the existing traditional masonry fireplace was demolished to its foundation, the high temperature masonry heater core is started. Below is a photo of the base courses from above. The firebox base supports are to the left, divided by the ash dump channel. To the right of the photo are the heat exchange channels. The top channel is the downdraft transitioning into the smaller updraft channel below.

Old Bridge Masonry Heater Core Start 1625

OldBridge Masonry Heater Core Start 1622

The core continues. Above the firebox, the black bake-oven starts. Below is a photo if the bake-oven floor. The throat from the firebox is open on the left. The exit from black back oven starts on the center of the photo. The hot gases travel from the firebox throat, heating the black oven and enter the downdraft channel.

Old Bridge Masonry Heater Bake-Oven Floor1635

The black bake-oven and downdraft channeled are capped with high temperature firebrick tiles. The wooden template supports the arch for the side bake-oven door.

Old Bridge Masonry Heater Core 1644

The heater will also be rough faced with a firebrick outer shell. The start of the firebrick facing can be seen below. The completed firebrick masonry shell will be faced with natural thin veneer facing stone. Once the firebrick shell is completed, the natural thin stone veneer gets underway.

Old Bridge Masonry Heater Veneer Stone 1720

The thin stone veneer continues to the ceiling, arching over the side bake-oven door.

Old Bridge Double Bell Masonry Heater Thin Stone Veneer 1745

Once the stone is completed, the loading, bake-oven, ash box, and clean out doors are installed. The bench is ready for the marble capping stone.

Old Bridge Double Bell Masonry Heater Thin Stone Veneer 1738

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