Florham Park, New Jersey: Fieldstone Finnish Contraflow Masonry Heater

One of the first curing fires burns down inside the new
masonry heater’s firebox.
The rear of the heater. The white bake-oven has already warmed the owner’s dinners while he works evenings to complete the rest of the home renovation.
After considering their options and growing family, the owners decided on an ambitious remodel to their existing home. The owners are both environmentally and energy conscious. While researching the possibilities for their new home design they wanted to limit their home’s carbon footprint as well energy bills. They decided on a clean burning, efficient masonry heater as the warm focal point in their new home.
The kitchen bake-oven option further increases the versatility of the masonry heater. The family will always have a warm cooking oven during the heating season. The heated bluestone counter nook will provide a warm spot while preparing the meals.


For the client’s desired aesthetics, the heater was built on a 45′ angle to the living room and kitchen. The corner of the heater dividing the two rooms is pictured below.

The far opposite end of the heater radiates into the bedroom and bathroom at the end of the hall. Below is the view of the heater’s stonework from the rooms.

Below is a photo of the start of the Pennsylvania fieldstone facing. The 5″ thick stone facing will absorb and store the fire’s energy for up to 24 hours.

The heater is in an ideal location for any home: dividing the kitchen and main living space. The firebox and viewing doors will warm the living room while the bake-oven will open to the rear into the kitchen, next to the heated bluestone countertop.

Below is the far end of the heater stone work proceeding to the ceiling.

The heater starts with the high temperature core built on a masonry foundation. The core is hand-built from firebricks. Below we see the firebox side of the heater core. The masonry chimney venting the heater exhaust gases stands to the left of the core.

The Finnish contraflow core and chimney are completed and ready for the stone veneer.

The completed core and chimney are ready for the stone veneer to start.

A view of the kitchen of the heater core and chimney. The white bake-oven is ready to go.

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