Levittown, PA: Backyard 48″ Wood Fired Dome Oven

Our client in Levittown, PA was building a serious backyard kitchen and called Fire Works Masonry for a serious backyard wood-fired oven. The oven is a 48″ diameter, commercial grade brick oven. The oven is perfect for pizza parties or roasting an entire Thanksgiving dinner.

The oven starts with the firebrick core. The completed inner dome is photographed below.


A view of the external dome is below. The outer dome will be covered with high temperature insulation and a stucco outer shell.


Finally, the brick facing and final stucco coat are completed.


The first small curing fire begins to warm the spacious oven in the photo below.



Finally, the outdoor oven and kitchen are covered by a spacious and convenient roof.


Fire Works Masonry