NJ Custom Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Oven 4400

Jamesburg, NJ: Custom Brick Commercial Vaulted Wood Fired Oven.

Fire Works Masonry latest commercial wood fired oven is a large 48″ x 72″ vaulted brick oven for the Hearthstone Grill in Jamesburg, NJ. The oven will be used for a variety of foods including pizzas, cast iron dishes, roasted meats and vegetables as well as fresh in-house breads. The large oven and newly renovated restaurant are seen in the photo below.

Hearthstone Grill New Jersey Oven Exterior 4402


The oven starts with the firebrick core. The oven was designed by MHA founding member Tom Trout of Vespa Masonry. The photo below shows a view through the loading door into the newly built brick oven. The oven’s firebrick floor is also ready to start cooking. The rough chimney connection is visible in the far back left hand corner.

NJ Custom Wood Fired Vaulted Bread Oven 4176

A strong steel frame permanently supports the outer thrust of the long vaulted span. The completed oven core and steel support structure are pictured below.

NJ Custom Commercial Brick Pizza Oven Core 4191

The photo below shows the top of the oven vault. This oven will be heavily insulated with commercial, high temperature thermal blankets.

New Jersey Custom Commercial Wood Fired Brick Oven Completed Vault 4159

NJ Custom Hand Built Brick Bread Oven Complete Core 4166

The oven facing will be based on steel studs with cement board after the thick insulation for the sides and top. The front of the oven is faced in an additional layer of firebrick. This oven facing can be nicely completed with many options such as thin veneer stone, tile, mosaics, or plaster stucco to match any interior.

The owner and his crew will complete this oven exterior with a cultured stone and tile veneer.

NJ Custom Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven First Fire 4201

The photo below shows the completed oven core, front brick face and the steel stud frame underway.

NJ Custom Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Oven First Fire 4206

After hours of heat storage, the oven heats up to operating temperatures for cooking pizzas in minutes. The photo below shows the vault burning clean.

Custom Brick Wood Fired Bread Oven _4268

NJ Custom Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Oven 4400

The oven has a custom insulated stainless steel door for use between shifts or overnight to maintain the oven’s heat.

Custom Wood Fired Oven Door_4392

The door fits tightly into the vaulted opening for loading the oven. The owner’s custom stained glass and cultured stone finish is also completed.

Custom Wood Fired Oven Insulated Door_4395

New Jersey Custom Wood Fired Oven Final Exterior 4404

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