Marlboro, Maryland: Finnish Contraflow Masonry Stove Core Installation

We recently completed a Heat-Kit masonry heater core installation in eastern Maryland. Our clients wanted the clean, comfortable efficient heat of a masonry heater in their existing home’s living room. The core is a corner unit: the side heat exchange channels are at 45˚ angles to the front. The core also has a pre-cast white bake-oven. The high temperature core is completed in the photo below, ready for the final facing stone veneer.

The core construction begins in the photo below. The inner wall of the double wall firebox has just begun.

After the firebox is completed, the pre-cast white bake-oven is installed. The hot exhaust gases warm the oven chamber from all sides as they exit the fireplace.

Once the center of the core is finished, the side downdraft heat exchange channels are installed.

Fire Works Masonry