Glen Mills Pennsylvania Stucco Masonry Heater First Fire 3946

Glen Mills, PA: Stucco Finnish Contraflow Masonry Heater

Our latest project is a Finnish Contraflow masonry stove in Delaware County, PA. Our clients were building a unique addition onto their existing home. The large masonry heater is both the primary heat as well as the visual focal point for the new space. The owner’s designed the heater inspired by our King of Prussia masonry heater installation. The fireplace has long sandstone heated benches, stone mantel and shelves, a white bake-oven, and a large wood-box for wood storage.

The fireplace starts with the high temperature core. The core is made entirely of firebricks bonded with high temperature mortar. The photo below shows the nearly complete core and the heated bench firebrick lining channels under construction. The combustion exhaust gases exit through the chimney to the far right of the firebox.

Once the core is completed, it is faced with masonry blocks.

After the block shell is completed, the colorful sandstone benches and accent pieces are set.

The entire heater is plastered with several coats of stucco. The first small curing fire burns in the photo below.

The photo below shows some detail of the colorful sandstone bench tops.

The heater has a large wood-box to store the week’s firewood.

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