Reading PA Masonry Heater 3920

Reading, PA: Fieldstone, Double Bell, See-Thru Masonry Stove

When our clients in Reading, Pennsylvania planned their energy efficient addition to their home, a masonry stove was in the center of their plans. A clean burning masonry heater replaced a drafty, traditional masonry fireplace. The masonry heater sits between the existing living room and new addition, diving the man living space. Their kids stand safely on the heated bench in the photo below as their project nears completion.

At the heart of the masonry heater is the double bell core. It stands completed in the photo below. The masonry heater has a see-thru firebox and heated benches.

The masonry heater core is faced with masonry blocks, filled solid for heat transfer and storage.

The new addition side of the fireplace has an extended heated bench, a long stone mantle and a panoramic door for viewing the fire.

The living room side of the see-thru masonry heater will also have a heated bench as well as a bake-oven above the loading door.

Once the masonry block shell is completed around the core, the natural thin veneer stone facing begins.

The Pennsylvania fieldstone facing is finished and grouted.  The photo below shows the completed fireplace warming the nearly finished new addition.

The heater is complete and warming the new addition.

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