Galax Virginia Brick Double Bell Masonry Heater First Fire 3853

Galax, VA: Brick Faced, Double Bell Masonry Heater.

Our most recent project is a double bell masonry heater installation in scenic Galax, Va. The owners of this new project in the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains were determined to build an efficient home. They decided on a masonry heater for the heart of the design. With no local masons certified in heater building, the owners reached out to Fire Works Masonry. The picture below shows a small curing fire in the nearly complete fireplace.

The double bell masonry stove was sized and designed for the new home. The design includes a spacious firebox and a black-oven for cooking. The completed core is pictured below.

The photo below shows a view of the core during the construction process. The black bake-oven has been completed and is ready to be capped. A temporary form supports the freshly laid arch bricks over the oven door opening. The up and down-draft heat exchange channels are also visible.

The second, or double, bell is then completed above the oven.

Once the core is completed the brick facing began. The photos below show the nearly completed brickwork. A small curing fire begins to dry the new fireplace.

Fire Works Masonry