Hillsborough, NJ Brick Hand-Built Finnish Contraflow Masonry Heater.

This hand built brick contraflow heater replaced a cast iron wood stove in a Hillsborough, NJ basement. The heater exhausts into the same existing lined masonry chimney that the old metal stove utilized. The two side heated benches provide enough room for the family’s four cats to enjoy.

Tennessee sandstone with colorful swirls of red, yellow, and brown provides the stone accent on the heater. The sandstone caps the masonry heater as well as the two heated side benches, lays as a short shelf before both doors, and surrounds the bake oven door.

The soft radiant heat of the masonry stove has given new life to the formerly chilly finished basement. It is now a comfortable basement office. The television has been replaced by the radiant glow of the intense, rolling,¬†mesmerizing¬†flames in the heater’s firebox.

Hand built brick Finnish Contraflow Heater.

Heater design planning concept sketch.

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