New City Double Bell Masonry Heater 3330

New City, NY: Thin stone veneer, double bell masonry heater.

The owners of the new home pictured below in the Hudson Valley were interested in taking advantage of their ample wooded lot by designing their floor-plan around a clean burning, efficient wood burning masonry. The masonry heater’s chimney exit can be seen exiting the center roof line.

The completed, see-thru heater seen in the photo below divides the kitchen and the main family space.

All masonry  heaters start with the high temperature core. This heater has a double bell core designed by Alex Chernov, of Stovemaster. The photo below shows the kitchen side of the core underway. A white bake-oven sits above the see-thru firebox design.

Once the core is completed, the external facing of the masonry heater begins. This heater will be faced by a firebrick shell, then a natural thin stone veneer will be applied. The two photos below show the living room and kitchen side of the rough shell. A mixture of red and buff firebricks are used for the facing. The soapstone mantle and bake-oven shelf are also installed at this point in the construction.

Once the shell is completed, the thin stone field stone veneer begins. Below the living room side of the heater is nearly complete.

The veneer stone is grouted and the soapstone accent pieces are installed. All the benches, shelves, and capping stones are beautiful soapstone slabs. Below we see the kitchen side of the masonry heater ready for the door hardware installation.

A thin veneer chimney rises above the masonry heater. The final chimney connection will be a double wall insulated stainless steel chimney. The photo below shows the completed stonework from an upstairs bedroom.

Below the chimney is seen from the second floor catwalk.

The heater also has a large wood-box. The photo below shows the masonry  heater from the garage entrance to the house.

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